Charcoal Grill. Beachfront.

Where authentic food & ambiance come together to create welcoming Vibes

Fuego by the Sea celebrates the best of Argentinian, Spanish & Italian cuisine with welcoming hospitality and service. Boasting an abundance of premium local produce and drinks alongside signature charcoal meat and seafood dishes, Fuego by the Sea is the perfect destination for your next dining or function experience. Fuego, which means “fire” in Spanish, represents the Mediterranean food and flavours we cook on our kitchen’s specially designed 2-meter charcoal grill.

From The Charcoal Grill

Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Serves 2 People

Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Twice Cooked Pork

Pork Belly Sous Vide then Charcoal Grilled. Served With Port, Garlic, Ginger & Chilli Glaze Sauce. With Broccolini & Roast Potatoes.
Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Chimichurri Chicken

Chicken Marinated with Chimichurri, Served with Grilled Pumpkin, Potato Mash & Broccolini.
Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Porterhouse Steak (400g)

Porterhouse Aged for 60 Days Served with Roast Potatoes & Red Wine Jus.
Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Surf & Turf

Scotch Fillet 300g Aged for 55 Days with Creamy Garlic Prawn Sauce. Served with Roast Potatoes.
Menu Information
Gluten Free Available

Scotch Fillet (300g)

Scotch Fillet Aged for 55 Days Served with Potato Mash & Red Wine Jus.

Our Team Welcomes You

Head Chef

Danny Sauchelli

Our renowned Head Chef from Adelaide's Argentinian community and part owner, Danny Sauchelli, can be found cooking up the best charcoal meats Adelaide has to offer. Danny has been cooking for over 35 years, beginning his career at the iconic Gauchos on Gouger Street in the late 80’s, where he showcased his fusion of Argentinian flavors and charcoal culinary skills, ultimately making his mark in Adelaide’s cooking industry.


Dario Fontanarosa

Dario Fontanarosa, part-owner of Fuego by the Sea, has been in the hospitality industry for 15 years. Dario also runs Fine Foods Cucina in Newton, an Italian delicatessen turned cafe, where his love for his Italian heritage shines through. Dario first met Danny in the late 90s, where they formed a friendship built on their love of high-quality food and appreciation of heritage and family which led them to forming Fuego by the Sea.

Venue Manager

Marcia Martins

Our experienced chef hailing from Brazil, Marcia Martins moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2013. She worked at the renowned Melbourne’s Meat & Wine Co for 2 years before transferring to Adelaide where she met Danny and started working with him at his catering company. As the Chef and Venue Manager at Fuego by the sea, Marcia can be found in the kitchen, office and on the floor every day to ensure all restaurant needs are met.

Events & Functions

Host your next event at Fuego by the Sea for an unbeatable blend of ocean views and culinary flair. From corporate events to dream weddings, our oceanfront venue and diverse menu promise a memorable experience. Book now to make your special occasion extraordinary.

    Signature Dishes

    Indulge in the best of Argentinian, Brazilian, and Italian cuisine with our signature dishes. From charcoal-grilled scotch fillets to our renowned Chimichurri Chicken, each dish offers a unique blend of flavors and cultures, prepared to impress.

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